First post - The Birth of a Clothing Company

First post - The Birth of a Clothing Company

Hi Guys!

This is my very first blog post hope you enjoy it!

Everyday I get asked - Why are you creating a clothing brand?

(Referring at why not just resell some random stuff that has already been created)

Well considering the higher costs and the time consuming building a brand and your own products can be. The answer might be - you are just crazy!

But in reality creating this brand has been a dream of mine for some years now, and to be able to finally see some of it -there is a lot still to come- come together it is well worth the price.

The idea emerged when I saw that the car enthusiast market was missing an apparel division that could serve every car lover. Don't get me wrong there are many brands that create apparel for this market like BMW, Harley Davidson and so on. But what about if we want to dress not sporting the BMW logo or the Harley Davidson logo across our chest.

They were not many options, other than the sporadical car scene design on a T-shirt from some brand, that you ran to it by mistake.

So we want to create this brand that will give all the automotive enthusiast a chance to express themselves through their clothing.

We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! And feel free to give us some inspo' on what would you like to see!



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